Man cannot live on Guinness alone…

REMEMBER the guy from ‘Super Size Me’, who lived on nothing but McDonalds meals for a month? Well meet blogger Burty, who survived on only Guinness for a week.

  • SeamusG

    I once did something similar.
    I like to call that period of my life “The 1980s”.

  • Mario el Argentino

    My father always said is best to be a known drunk than an alcoholic anonymus.

    Speaking of the guy from “super size me” word is he has a new tv show in america and on one of his shows he is going to make his mom become a binge drinker for 30 days.


  • Gonzo

    You need a TV show for that?

  • peteb

    To quote Bill, Leaning towards the Dark Side,

    To paraphrase Denis Leary, it isn’t like fast food consumers suddenly watched his film and said “I just got me a quarter pounder….HOLY SHIT! THIS STUFF IS BAD FOR YOU! I thought it had Vitamin C and shit!”