Less heat, more light needed

No doubt the current flurry of activity with Tony Blair – or whoever’s availableBertie Ahern and Ian Paisley is intended to create a sense of momentum in advance of the ‘imminent’, or not so ‘imminent’, statement from the Provisional Movement.. a momentum that the media seem more than happy to be carried along by.. but I get the distinct impression that less heat and more light would be a better way to go about it. Now, of course, with the recent “not secret at all” meetings between Bertie Ahern and Gerry Adams, the same cast is once more assembled...

  • Gonzo

    THERE’S an awful lot of statements about the (apparently) imminent IRA statement coming out. As big IRA statements tend to be timed to coincide with the publication of An Phoblacht, it might even come as soon as today or tomorrow.

    I suspect that it will be later though.

  • peteb

    According to the BBC.. IRA statement ‘could be delayed’

    Now the BBC may very well know something that the rest of us don’t.. in which case they should be reporting it..

    But, as I noted in an earlier post.. it was the BBC who were hyping to “imminent” line to begin with..