Ahern: we need to see IRA deeds, not just words

The Irish Times has Bertie Ahern’s statement after his meetings with Tony Blair and the DUP delegation to the Irish Embassy in London:

He said he was “not too concerned” about the timing of the statement, so long as it contained the elements needed to restore confidence and move the Belfast Agreement process forward. “To move forward, we need a clear, unambiguous end of all paramilitary and criminal activity and we need to see the completion of decommissioning,” he said. But he stressed: “It is not just words, it is deeds. “If we get a statement on the issues I have mentioned, we would be very happy with the statement, but we would naturally enough want to see that they happen.”

  • spirit-level

    It is quite incredible to see the DUP and the Irish Gov’t united on this one. I have to agree with them; and sincerely wish this completely forces the hand of the IRA.

  • martin

    Ahern–It is not just words,it is deeds—-its a pity he doesnt apply that to his pre-election promises–more medical cards,more guards etc etc

    regarding corruption in the garda RE Morris tribunal–prosecutions not transfers and retirement packages.

    Matter of fact if he and the rest of his party had applied the same -it is not just words it is deeds -to the pursuit of Irish unity propagated in the Fianna Fail constitution in 1926 on foundation=his political party would not be under serious electoral threat from Sinn Fein in the next election and therafter

  • crow

    Ahern is correct with his statement.Some sort of movement on the arms issue would go along way now.I think most people believe the IRA are still a frightening terrorist group who are still pretty much active.