Not so "imminent" then..

After Peter Hain’s reported comments on Sunday – although I’ll just note that, Hain’s optimism aside, the emphasis on the timing seemed to be added by the BBC – the Belfast Telegraph reports that the Irish and British governments are urging caution on the timing of the expected statement from the Provisional Movement.. caution on the content is, of course, a given.. Hmm.. What would Vladimir say?

  • Alan

    I suppose we shouldn’t moan, after all – hat changing does take up a lot of time.

    Doesn’t it, Vladimir?

  • martin

    oops left comment on wrong Hain thread

  • filledwithdread

    I have heard a very strong rumour this week that there is a new group active out there called something like saoirse na eireann, I heard they are a republican setup who apparently claimed responsibility for the recent marathon bomb attack on the chief constable. They also have claimed responsibility at the start of May for the Lisburn Civic Center building bomb in April and and numerous hoaxes and firebombs before xmas at B&Q for example. The version I heard came from someone working at the irish news and a friend heard something similar at cool fm. Yet its not been mentioned publically anywhere else. Any journos on here shed any light? Bearing in mind the Marathon bomb was a viable remote control device isnt it in our interest as members of the public to know if there is an emerging new threat from a republican terror group capable of targeting the chief constable with a remote control bomb capacity? Is this a covername for mainstream republicans? What does this say for the present political situation despite the imminent IRA announcement? I dread to think !!!