A European excursion

From our unofficial ambassador… While Europe is on the agenda, take a diversion with this European geography quiz [Shockwave file]. Hmm.. According to Paul’s own rating system, my 80% result means that, even with an average error of 162 miles – “Mr Euro-Cosmopolitan’s in town!” Heh.

  • beano; EverythingUlster.com

    I got 80% yesterday. Was a bit disappointed how strict they were with my positioning of the Vatican and Belgium!!

  • glensman

    first class little game got an averaged error of 84miles, should without doubt be distributed to local schools…

  • maca

    73% first time out.

  • Michael Shilliday

    54 miles, 84%


  • PS

    Average error 136 miles 75% correct

    Albania was the real killer for me!

  • David

    w00t I managed to get 91% with an average error of 42 miles but its a very good game. Everyone in our office seems to be playing it now

  • Cathal

    Average error 76 miles. Sorry, Malta

  • Keith M

    95% (wrong on Belarus and San Marino) and average error of 10 miles. I have watched too much Eurovision!

  • fair_deal

    84% average error 69 miles (apologies san marino)

  • Valenciano

    You beat me Keith but just about! 95% with average error of 14 miles, Hungary was slightly out whereas Moldova (the first one I had to position) was the real killer and even then I wasn’t too far away! The joke is I’ve never studied geography but travel, following international football and international politics can usually improve the anorak!

  • Occasional Commentator

    77% and 85 miles out.
    I’m happy with that. I haven’t travelled much in Europe, nor studied Geography, and I don’t really follow football or the Eurovision very much. So it much be the history books I’ve read over the last few years, checking my maps every few minutes trying to understand the story. Seems like I remembered some of what I read after all!

  • Baluba

    82% – not bad for a Euro sceptic me thinks.

  • KC

    Mine must be broken – part of Ireland kept sticking to the Briatain map!!!

  • GavBelfast

    91% and 19 miles.

    They were a bit strict about the exact positioning of the principalities weren’t they?

    Great little diversion!

    Isn’t Cyprus in Europe then?

  • maca

    “Mine must be broken – part of Ireland kept sticking to the Briatain map!”