Not to worry.. the EU’s paying..

EU Foreign Ministers have decided that official and working status is to be given to the Irish language by the European Union from 1st January 2007, making it the 21st official language of the EU. According to this RTE report, that means at ministerial level, provision will be made for Irish to be spoken at council meetings, requiring 20-30 translators.. and costing £3.5million €3.5million [D’oh!] each year.. Hmm.. so that’s what Maria, at Crooked Timber, means by “boondoggle”.. Dermot Ahern, among others, has welcomed today’s unanimous decision, and we’re also struck by FG’s response – “regardless of its status at EU level, preserving the language has to begin at home.” I’d also recommend the argument against this pork-barrel politics... Now.. when’s the referendum, Bertie? Update About EU has other reaction. Update again Back Seat Driver, Dick O’Brien, adds his thoughts