Donegal caught at the last moment

This may not be big news to most of our readers, but those of us with a lifelong passion for Donegal/the underdog will have been heartened by yesterday’s close run thing at Clones, when Armagh only just pulled the cat out of the fire. Despite a poor league season, Donegal manager Brian McEniff was confident going into the match that his side would give the highly favoured Armagh team more than a run for their money! And they did it with 14 men! Replay: next Saturday at Clones at 5.50pm!

  • Snapper

    Good man Mick – Donegal Abu!

  • Blackadder

    My sister and brother in law where at that match yesterday.

    I always get the impression that the GAA are quite glad of a draw to get the crowds (and money) in for a reply. The referee just waits for the equaliser in injury time, and then gets the nod to blow up for full time.

    Obviously I am a cynical so and so πŸ™‚

  • barney


    Cynical indeed. There is a more benign expalanation, if slightly less hard nosed. The Ref may feel that neither team deserves to lose on the day and so allows a fair chance for things to equalise (again) before blowing full time. Whatever the case, the GAA do love a good replay.

  • Mick

    I have to say I once saw a game drawn in Holywood because the ref lost count of the score. The local crowd put Holywood up by one point, but the ref was ready to give it to the away team by one. A draw obviously seemed like the diplomatic thing to do at the time!

  • PS

    Armagh were desperate yesterday for long stages of the second half. We were completly dominated in midfield in the early stages of the second half and if Donegal had tagged on another couple of scores they’d probably be int he semi final by now. Strangely the 2 sendings off had a great impact but both teams reacted far better to having their own man sent off.

    A lot of Armagh’s main players didn’t perform on that day but I think they probably have more improvement in them than Donegal and should take the replay by apoint or two.

  • David

    I wouldnt quite agree with you there PS i dont think we were completely dominated at midfield I just think that Donegal found the correct approach in the second half to draw out the midfilders and in essence bypass the midfield. Paul McGrane had too good a game to say that he was bypassed while Phillip Loughran also played extremely well when he came on. I felt Armaghs problem was that they were out muscled and out paced in at least 10 positions yesterday.

    There was one interesting thing to note though from yesterday is that when both teams has an equal complement of players, Armagh outscored Donegal by 5 points I hope this bodes well for the replay.

    The final point I wish to make is I felt that the referee was correct to send both players off and did not deserve the boos he got at half time. Most referees these days seem to chicken out of sending a man off on the advice of their umpires but the relatively young refereen yesterday showed he could make these descisions.

  • Ciarian

    Sorry people but what is the point in talking about it. Sure don’t ye know that Mayo will win Sam this year and Ulster’s days are over. The Ulster teams are getting on a bit. πŸ˜‰

  • Eamonn

    Mick, I once saw the exact same thing. Our hurling team was convinced we’d won, but we saw the ref congratulating the other boys after the final whistle. We ran out and got him to double check the scores, and he awarded a draw in the end. Eejit.

  • David

    Yeah Ciarian you must be right, thats why both national league champions this year were Ulster teams. Mayo have shot their boat. The all-ireland champion this year may not be from Ulster but I would be very surprised if neither of the finalists this year again are from Ulster