“A crank’s charter”

Tying in with Gonzo’s post on the Spotlight programme, the Observer’s Henry McDonald defends the right of Pastor Clifford Peoples[or Peeples?] to be an anti-Catholic sectarian bigot.. and argues that, as the Labour Government introduces its Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, it is the only way to ensure that we can be free to call Clifford Peoples an anti-Catholic sectarian bigot – he also quotes the excellent tagline at Harry’s Place, “Liberty, if it means anything at all, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.”, and Harry takes on the Bill here. There was also a lively and interesting discussion (ie worth listening to) at the Hay Literary festival on Blasphemy, and the same Bill, with Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens. [RealPlayer audio] Update Added value [links].