No. We don't.

A slight diversion. The BBC, obviously at a loss about what to do while the jury deliberates, saw fit to write this story up and give the idiot fan idiot concerned his moment in the media spotlight. But I have to admit that I had noticed the banner he’s holding in some of the TV coverage.. and my first thought then was – No. We don’t.

  • Gum

    “If he is convicted then it is a crime against humanity”

    Where do we get them from?! Some mothers do have ’em!

  • colm

    You could say he’s OFF THE WALL. Or mad BAD and DANGEROUS to know. But if being there proves to be a THRILLER for him then we can leave all jusgment to HIStory (part 1)

  • Ricardo

    Yer man should just BEAT IT. If Michael Jackson gets off the charges he is one SMOOTH CRIMINAL, he’ll be thinking he’s INVINCIBLE 😉

  • Baluba

    I think sending the man to gaol would achieve nothing if he’s guilty and would obviously be a terrible injustice if he was not. The man needs help.

    One thing is for sure, that no-one exept the parties involved can ever be sure of the truth as the whole ridiculous circus has been handled so badly as to make impossible any fair trial. Everyone has formulated an opinion.

    American justice would be laughable, if it wasn’t so sad! The country is rotten to the core and I feel terrible for the millions upon millions of decent people who live there under such a nonsensical regime.

  • Canadian

    It must really be a slow day!!!!!

    I don’t know about the UK and Ireland but, in north america we get this damn trial 24 7.

  • fair_deal

    Colm and Ricardo the usher has your coat’s waiting for you

  • barney

    There is always the possibility that; 1)no crime was committed, 2)the system works and 3)Jackson will go free. We’ll only get confirmation of the last item there, the other two will always be matters for debate.
    As for the gobshite with the banner – he no more represents Ireland than any other self-appointed ambassador. The Irish Rugby Team, for example, claim to represent Ireland. They do not, they represent themselves and the IRFU, they certainly do not represent me. Banner man represents himself alone and he has a bloody cheek claiming otherwise.

  • Barney

    I wholeheartedly agree with you there Barney.

    I don’t know how many issues, campaigns, people, bands, etc etc etc people have claimed I support during my lifetime without once ever asking me.

    Brazen and arrogant.

  • crow

    Is his name Micheal Ireland?

  • Keith M

    I don’t know which is more offensive, the misinterpretation of the Irish colours, the slogan, the fact that the idiot involved was born and lives in the UK or the hair.

  • Ricardo

    the hair

  • Jo

    Applying our own good standards, IF 71% of the jury vote yes he is innocent, should the other 29% work on those who REALLY weren’t that sure and eventually hope to get the whole judicial system stopped in its tracks?

    By the way, I would like to point out that Billie Jean is not my lover – she’s just a girl who claims that I am the one.

  • colm

    Wanna be starting something Jo ?

    PS Keith

    What has being born and/or living the UK have to do with being offensive? Not that you can be certain he was born in the UK of course.

  • Ringo

    Why is he holding a massive Loop The Loop?

    How appropriate all the same.

  • Davros

    Blimey – has Andrew McCann seen this ? Irish, Race relations worker, Liverpool and Michael Jackson in one story? Real Littlejohn stuff.

  • bill

    Can you still buy loop the loops

  • Robertxc

    Still, you have to admit, MJ was always asking for something like this. I mean, he may be a bit wierd (ok, a lot wierd), but going out of his way to sleep with boys – and only ‘fatherless’ boys at that – goes well beyond wierd, unless of course he’s just a paedophile, which would explain everything. Mind you, you have to wonder about any parent that actually lets their son sleep with a middle aged man in the first place…

  • Ricardo

    ‘Can you still buy loop the loops’

    Don’t know about Northern Ireland, but in the south, yes you can.

  • Keith M

    Colm “What has being born and/or living the UK have to do with being offensive? Not that you can be certain he was born in the UK of course.”

    He comes from (London)Derry and lives in Liverpool. If he was to paint a banner with the UK flag (in the wrong colours) and paint a silly slogan on it, that’s bad enough, but leave my country out of it, thank you very much.

  • JLo

    He may (or may not) be your embarrassing countryman, but he’s showing up at our country’s embarrassing trial. I’d switch with you in a heartbeat.

  • Colm

    Keith M

    Presumable he is a nationalist, so he is entitled to claim an Irish identity if he wishes.

    BTW – The article says he comes from Derry , but thst does not necessarily mean he was born there. He could have been born in Buncrana for all we know.

  • harpo

    ‘and my first thought then was – No. We don’t.’

    In response to the ‘Michael, Ireland believes in you banner’ of course.

    The funny thing is that, just like him, YOU claim to know what Ireland has to say on the matter. YOU are speaking on behalf of Ireland just as much as he is when you say ‘No. We don’t’.

    What gives either of you the right to speak on behalf of Ireland – all of it? Neither of you knows what a majority of people in Ireland think about this.

    Why did you feel the need to respond to the rantings of an idiot fan anyway, on behalf of Ireland? Do you think someone in the US is going to take this seriously and believe that there was a vote in Ireland in support of MJ?

    Some people are just too touchy. You are one of them.

  • Alan McDonald

    This is your American correspondent speaking.

    The trial’s over. The verdict is in. Everyone go home, and report some real news.


    The beeb are carrying an interview with Mr O’kane.

    You can read it all here.

    Some choice quotes from the highly intelligent, and obviously wise Mr O’Kane.

    “People have been talking about the similarities between Michael Jackson and Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

    I think that’s fair.”

    “He has touched everyone through his entertainment and has given every person a happy memory. “

    “My time over here has been spent getting up, going to court, getting back from court and making signs for the next day.

    But there’s also been a fair amount of drinking.”

    And my personal favourite……

    “He’s a martyr – but the thing to remember is he’s still alive.”

    You couldn’t make it up.

  • Alan McDonald


    If you promise to be real nice to America, we will change our immigration laws and keep Mr O’Kane here permanently. In California, that is, not where I live.


    Thing is Mr McDonald, I am one of those rare Europeans who actually adores America, and all it stands for.That being so, I couldn’t possibly let you inflcit your great nation with Mr O’Kane, why?, before you know it, California would have a reputation as a home for nutters, loonies and oddballs.


  • Alan McDonald

    Of course you are right, MR TAFKABO, we must repatriate Mr. O’Kane to Liverpool. Maybe some day he will choose to go back to Northern Ireland and practice race relations and musical therapy.

    Do you think he has a future in politics?


    “Do you think he has a future in politics?”

    If Roy Beggs could get away with it, anyone could.