Slugger wins 'idiotic comment' of the week!

Paul at North Irish Magyar has been following some of the debates, and selects on commenter’s contribution out for special mention.

  • Henry94

    this must be one of the most clueless statements I’ve seen for some time

    Not a regular visitor then?

  • Mick


  • Davros

    Splendid Henry! Mick – you should institute a “Get out of Jail Free card” system ( to be cashed in if given a yellow or red ) and make Henry the first recipient!

  • Paul

    Henry 94,

    “Not a regular visitor then?”

    Regular visitor for about 18 monthes, though my debating skills are pretty weak, so I usually leave that to others.

    You’re probably right in implying that I was harsh in picking out this particular comment , but I think it was a good example of one of the weaknesses on Slugger at the minute. People are rushing in with knee-jerk comments before checking out the full details of the article in question and after the bad start a lot of the threads just seem to deterioriate even further into pointless whataboutery, name-calling and baiting.

    When I first started reading this site, the quality of some of the debates between people like yourself,Billy Pilgrim, Stephen Copeland and Davros was as good as anything, anywhere else on the blogosphere. Plenty of times comments were made by people with a different political outlook to myself, which made me stop,think and perhaps come to a better appreciation of why they hold the beliefs they do.

    Doesn’t happen now and apart from the odd football related issue, I don’t bother with the comments sections anymore. Perhaps we were lucky with the Slugger of old and with increasing popularity this was bound to happen, but I think the site has lost an important component of what made it such compelling reading before.

    Thus endeth the sanctimonious sermon!

  • Sol

    I’m actually slightly disappointed it wasnt one of my.

    (Back to the drawing board)

  • Sol


  • Comrade Stalin


    The same commenter you singled out announced on other threads his/her support for a return to the troubles and regular bombings and shootings in Belfast on another thread a short time ago. It’s probably a wannabe Yank (as opposed to a normal, entirely nice Yank) or someone who is a bit of a looper.

  • Alan McDonald

    Comrade S,

    Thank you so much.

    An Entirely Nice Yank

    P.S. My father was the “wannabe Yank,” which is why we all live here in the USA.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I like Yanks, usually.

  • Zorro

    I agree with Paul when he says
    ..a lot of the threads just seem to deterioriate even further into pointless whataboutery, name-calling and baiting.

    All too often, sycophants of all political colours merely want to throw in their spin and dismiss anything else. I suspect they are moles/trolls…

  • Alex

    It is, in my opinion, due to the easy and relatively anonymous comments system available on this site that sometimes threads do fall into petty hate mongering.

    The moderator’s all try their best to avoid letting this happen, and to keep the discussion and debate relevant to the topic.