Not just a pretty face…

CONGRATULATIONS to ex-Northern Ireland international and Crystal Palace FC manager Iain Dowie. He may well be the ugliest man in the history of football, but he has a way with words – and his famous ‘bouncebackability’ catchphrase is now an official part of the English language. After a campaign by Sky TV’s Soccer AM show, ‘BBA’ has been included in the latest Collins dictionary!

  • Logybird

    Do you think Sir Reg could use it in his leadership acceptance speech?

  • Occasional Commentator

    Apparently he looks like our Davros

  • Davros

    Ahem! I asked them to use my better side. For this the photographer will be ….

  • Ricardo

    Ugliest man in football??

    Man, not ball Gonzo! lol

    Anyway, the ugliest man in football IMHO is Kanu. Luke Chadwick’s no oil painting either

  • Blackadder

    We’ll have no slagging off Iain Dowie, the man is a God.

  • franc

    A ‘relegated’ God

  • Blackadder

    “A ‘relegated’ God”

    But a God nonetheless 🙂

  • PaddyCanuck

    You are forgetting Petr Beardsley.

  • Ricardo

    AAhhh! Beardsley!

    I’ll be having nightmares tonight

  • CavanMan

    It amuses me when male bloggers comment on the looks of others, in this case Ian Dowie,IMO hes a great manager, and his physical appearance should not worry you, unless of course you’re all having doubts about your sexuality, that is 😉

  • Gonzo

    Hey, I like Dowie! But not in that way. He’s got a great gurn though, like he’s been chewing a wasp while on E.

  • Sol

    Good point Cavanman
    Anyone check out the ladies on the England team?? Rachel Yankey Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect

    (Taking an interest in football!!)

  • Sol

    Cant wait to see the Swedish team tonight.
    The women are actually very good players… much better than I was anyway.

    (Needs a cold shower)

  • CavanMan

    i was also actually shocked how good technically some of the women were,also the fact that some of them arent exactly hard on the eyes,helps in ejoying the matches. I look forward to the game tonight also.

  • Sol

    Not only that, but some of the tackles were pretty ruff to, chopping ankles and high feet.
    good games to watch IMO.

  • Sol

    Oh bugger!
    Could’nt break down the Swedes, oh well, good game nonetheless.