Europe should learn from Williamite settlement?

If About You has ruffled a few political feathers it is also doing something that seemed previously implausible: bring Brussels to life in Northern Ireland. It cover all the MEP’s reactions to the recent referenda, but this piece from Jim Allister the DUP’s man over in Brussels who used the Dutch firm rejection of the European Constitution to inject a piece of Protestant constitutional history bears repetition:

“I must finally comment that it is not the first time Holland has saved Europe from political tyranny.This very week, in the notable year of 1690, William Prince of Orange landed at Carrickfergus in my country and brought us the Glorious Revolution and Williamite Settlement which till this day is the basis of the freedoms which the British nation jealously guards against destruction, whether at the hands of an EU Constitution or otherwise.”

We’re not entirely sure that’s a message that will be seen in the same shared light across Northern Irish society!