Seminar on blogging for business…

If you are in Cork tomorrow and you’re into blogging or thinking about how blogging might help boost your business, it@cork’s monthly networking event focuses on blogging for business. It includes some names you may have heard of, Richard Delevan and perhaps one of Ireland earliest blogger Maura McHugh of Babblogue. As well as IT professional Tom Raftery and UCG academic John Breslin. For obvious reasons I can’t get along there tomorrow, but we’d love to get any feedback from those of you who can!

  • RogueTrooper

    what are your reasons? please forgive my ignorance.

  • Ringo

    It includes some names you may have heard of,

    indeed, but not in the way I was expecting –

    Tom Raftery – I used to work for Tom

    John Breslin – used to get hopelessly stoned in the postgrad offices in UCG and play Quake with John on occasion.

    small world, this blogosphere.

  • Cloud

    /me frags Ringo

  • George

    Any way around the rather steep 20 euro entrance fee?

  • Tom Raftery


    thanks for the plug for this event – the presentations should be online on the IT@Cork website sometime after the event. I’ll have my own presentation on my own site immediately after the event.

    Ringo? You worked for me? What’s your real name (I know I’d remember if I worked with someone called Ringo!

    George, a member can invite you to go with them free. Go through the membership list on the site and see if you know anyone who works for any of the member companies – get them to invite you. It can all be done on the website.

    Hope this helps,


  • Mick

    Thanks Tom, could you give me a nudge when they’re all up there?

  • Tom Raftery

    Will do Mick,

    thanks for the interest,


  • Damien Mulley

    So Ringo, George and John have replied, Paul, where are you?

  • Tom Raftery


    those slides are up on the IT@Cork website now (well, Maura’s isn’t up yet but it will probably be added in the next couple of minutes).