Low interest loans for farmers…

PART of my family farmed in the shadow of Slemish, so I was interested to learn of a new scheme that aims to help farmers rejuvenate their business in areas where agriculture has proved difficult. A welcome initiative, or staving off the inevitable?

  • aquifer

    Exactly who does it help to maintain artificially high levels of value for farmland?


    Which businesses hold the deeds to most of it?

  • AW

    Need to rejuvinate the Planning Offices approach to rural diversification.

    Speaking to someone this morning about a potato outlet for organic potatoes which has an application in for sheds for sorting, cleaning and bagging etc. Planners attidude move it to Mallusk or Dargan.

  • Leviathan

    The loans can’t be used for Land Purchase, so those of us who might fancy a return to the farming life (whilst never personally a farmer, my grandparents were) can’t actually avail of the loans unless we own the land we want to farm.