Government registeration for all China's blogs!

If you think the new rigourous regime in Slugger’s commenting facility is bad – (David Vance has taken to calling us ‘Pravda’ on occasions), check out the latest in China, where all blogs, commercial or otherwise, must register with the government by 30th June. At least we at Slugger (bloggers and commenters) still get the odd opportunity to ‘speak truth to power’.

  • the legal eagle

    Would that be the famous David (gang of four) Vance?

  • peteb


    As this report indicates, this is the latest in a number of measures that the Chinese Government has introduced in an attempt to restrict access to information other than their official version.

    How about a MakePoverty[of information]History Campaign?

  • mick hall

    Good point Pete, but I fear we in the West should not be to self satisfied about this. I have no doubt some boffin is working away right now under the orders of the likes of David Blunkett, to find a way to restrict what we can view on the web, all for our own good of course. Whilst almost all politicians will tell you what a great thing the net is, if you look at their party web sites you get a better understanding of how the feel on this issue. When I last checked them out the majority of sites were stale and almost all lacked the means to have interactive content, thus being little more than a notice board or a powder puff for the Party elite..

  • David Vance

    Only twice Mick and that was when I had been censored!

    Power to the people.

    Comrade David

  • D’Oracle

    If things keep going like this China will soon be as bad as the US : at least the Chinese will still have lots of (imported)jobs to keep their minds off this erosion of personal freedoms!