ARA boosts budget through its own work

In a fascinating development the ARA is converting some of the assets it is recovering from organised and paramilitary crime to ramp up its in the field efforts to target other criminals. It looks like there will also be a closer working relationship with it’s southern counterpart, the Criminal Assets Bureau.

  • Gonzo

    Some of McQuillan’s comment not reported in that article were interesting.

    He says republican cases are harder to crack, while loyalists’ ostentatious wealth makes it easier to bust them.

  • beano;

    ARA in “Loyalists are incompetent” shocker?

  • Bored

    Even more shocking was the reason why McQuillan felt compelled to explain and highlight the ease with which it is possible to bring proceedings against loyalists – yes, you’ve guessed it, in the great traditions of knuckle-scraping cro-magnon-man unionism, various unionist politicians (David Burnside chief among them)had been criticising the Agency for tackling too many prods and not enough taigs – nice one lads.

  • DCB

    You would have expected the securocrats to have rounded up some republicans by now

  • Bored

    DCB – yes, and they have brought proceedings against peripheral fuel-smuggling types. But, as McQuillan says, the Provos are a very sophisticated (in criminal terms at least) bunch who tend not to drive around in grotesque vulgar BMW M3’s, while snorting Coke, bathing themselves, their children, partners and pets in ‘Elizabeth Duke from Argos’ ‘gold’ jewellery and generally acting the twat. He quite properly says ‘give us another couple of years’ in order to make progress against the Provos. Meanwhile Doris Day and the rest of the loyalist trash would appear to be heading for a relatively easy mopping up.

  • Mick


    You’re on a suspended red card remember – keep the comments clean and to the point!

  • Bored

    Mick – sorry, this is really becoming rather tiresome. What precisely have I done now?

  • DCB


    Was an article I think in the Times the other day saying that the english equivelent hasn’t had much luck for the same reasons.

    The more well know loyalists will suffer but the fear is that those who’ve a bit more nouce and keep their heads down will have learned and availed of the services of a good accoutant. It’s not that hard to hide assets behind overseas front companies.

  • Mick

    Not as tiresome as it’s getting my end. There’s no hard and fast rules, but this kind of stuff is not exactly playing the ball:

    “…in the great traditions of knuckle-scraping cro-magnon-man unionism”.

  • Bored

    DCB, you’re absolutely right. These types of agencies eventually end up getting to a stage where their future success depends upon an erosion of civil liberties. The Criminal Assets Bureau in the South has quite extraordinary powers and seems to have had a better strike rate than their Northern counterparts. That said, I think McQuillan is a pretty impressive character and I feel that given time he will eventually bring the Provos to heel.

  • Bored

    Mick – a political ethic which considers it expedient to criticise a statutory creature designed to rid society of thuggery, gangsterism and corruption purely and simply because a majority of its early successes are against ‘loyalists’ is IMHO of an entirely knuckle-scraping cro-magnon man variety. Even if you disagree – is this somehow offensive? I’m not trying to be testy or obstructive here, but this really does smack of namby-pambyism.

  • Mick

    Now you put it like that, it sounds more like an anthropomorphism than anything truly offensive.

  • Bored

    Precisely – see now, we agree on something.

  • iluvni

    ‘bathing themselves, their children, partners and pets in ‘Elizabeth Duke from Argos’ ‘gold’ jewellery’..

    I think for that one alone, ‘bored’ deserves the red card rescinded completely lol!

  • Mick

    In other words, a pathetic fallacy?

  • fair_deal

    Only one thing to say on this topic.

    Congratulations to the ARA on its successes to date and wish them many more in the years to come.

  • Canadian

    Does anyone know if the ARA or their counterparts use any of that money (assets) to give back to the communities the criminals terrorize?

  • DCB


    Problem would be that they might have to distribute the money via local “community representives” which would be a case of round triping the cash

  • Canadian


    I just think the community at large get the raw end of the stick. I would think there are some “community representatives” out there that could be trusted.

  • Bored

    Sorry Mick – my fault, too many years of legal training I’m afraid – organsiations created pursuant to statute are known in the trade as ‘creatures of statute’. Hadn’t meant to confuse any ‘civilians’.

  • Achilles

    A bit of a thesaurus searching argument up above. I suspect it’s success is down to the internet search engine. That’s how I do it anyhow.

    Anyhow – Seems that loyalists have been hit hard by the ARA, which is no bad thing for all concerned. The provos on the other hand haven’t been cracked yet. But what about the stickies, remember the documentary about the dodgy US dollars coming out of Russia. Did the CAB ever get that one cracked……