The tide is lapping at DUP and SF feet…

Tom Kelly notes that the imperfect flow of the political tide since the signing of the Belfast Agreement has continued without reference to the passing stances of individual parties and actors. He argues that waiting for the IRA to comply with the requirements of history (“What are we waiting for? They had no mandate for a war – so for how long are we to indulge their consultation process?”) is a distraction. Without spelling out specifics, he believes that resumption of the political process will move all actors inexorably towards democratic politics only and a broadening of the provenance of policing.

  • finn69

    mick, hope your not going to try to pass yet more anti-nationalist rubbish off as a valid piece of journalism, geez the guy can’t even be bothered to spell names correctly or get the facts right, i would oblige but due to the threat of legal action against you, I know your milk monitors would be obliged to delete my personal diatribe against the godlike unionisn your site preaches…yawn