Bloggers have all the best news…

Well, according to the Guardian’s latest report into blogging they do. Though most of the report focuses on the more mature US blogosphere, Slugger gets a mention, as does Order, Order. Thanks to Fiona for the heads up!

  • Alex

    Interesting to see the pronounced interest in blogs that seems to have followed the elections.

  • peteb

    Perhaps “more established” would be a better description, Mick.. ermm.. on second thoughts.. more ‘mature’ is probably right..

    I’ll just note that Owen Gibson seems impatient for a local ‘Rathergate’.. as a lot of journalists seem to be.. for some reason..

    and I like the idea of a Private Eye blog – consideration of potential legal bills aside.. perhaps the Portadown News could expand from its current niche into that area..

  • peteb

    And I await Robin Grant’s,, response to the omission of a link to his site in yet another Guardian article on political blogging..