eBay Ireland launched

eBay Ireland is now up and running after being launched on Friday! Some details at eBay Ireland Launch.
No Gaelic facility as yet.

From General Announcements

***Updated: Launch of new eBay.ie Site for Ireland ***

03 June, 2005 | 12:14PM BST

We would like to officially extend a warm welcome to the Irish community as we launch our newest eBay site, eBay.ie!

Thousands of Irish people are already active buyers and sellers on other eBay sites around the world. This new site will serve their needs even better while still offering the benefits of being part of the World’s Online Marketplace™. eBay Ireland is now available at http://www.ebay.ie.

Some of the benefits for Irish members of the new site include:

* The default listing and display currency will be Euros, so Irish members will not need to make any conversions to see prices in local amounts
* Searching for items available to Irish buyers will be easier, as the site will focus on items where sellers will post to Ireland
* PayPal will be integrated with the new site, enabling fast, easy and secure payments in Euros, Pounds Sterling and other currencies