Two to be charged in connection with McCartney murder

The BBC are reporting that the 2 men arrested recently, as part of the McCartney murder investigation, are to appear in court in Belfast tomorrow. According to the report, one of the men is to be charged with the murder of Robert McCartney and the other with attempted murder of Brendan Devine. However, as the Press Association report on UTV indicates, as the Guardian report indicates, the McCartney family’s campaign has always maintained that a wider group of people were involved in the murder and subsequent cover-up. Catherine McCartney is quoted as saying to PA – “We hope it will lead to further arrests because there were more than two people involved. We still have a long way to go in terms of a trial and convictions”. RTE also has a report.. Update Edited link. Update 2 RTE reports that the two accused have appeared in court and have been remanded in custody until 1 July. Update 3 More details from the Press Association (via UTV) – According to the report, the court was told that witnesses had given statements identifying both men and that there was “some forensic evidence” against one of the them.