Suspects detained on 'additional grounds'

Gerry Moriarty reports on some of the specifics (subs only) around the latest arrests of two suspects in the McCartney murder inquiry. He notes, “Both men were previously questioned and released without charge. What makes this arrest significant is that to detain suspects for a second time police must have additional grounds”.

The PSNI confirmed two arrests but gave no other details. One of the problems facing investigating detectives was that some of those involved in the killing attempted to clean the area around Magennis’s of forensic evidence.

They also stole CCTV film that might have revealed how Mr McCartney was killed and who killed him. A number of IRA members were involved in the killing and the subsequent destruction of evidence, although the IRA did not officially sanction the murder.

Another well-placed local source told The Irish Times yesterday that, notwithstanding this “cleaning” operation, police told him they had some forensic evidence from the scene. They also had CCTV film taken from the nearby law courts.