Suspects detained on 'additional grounds'

Gerry Moriarty reports on some of the specifics (subs only) around the latest arrests of two suspects in the McCartney murder inquiry. He notes, “Both men were previously questioned and released without charge. What makes this arrest significant is that to detain suspects for a second time police must have additional grounds”.

The PSNI confirmed two arrests but gave no other details. One of the problems facing investigating detectives was that some of those involved in the killing attempted to clean the area around Magennis’s of forensic evidence.

They also stole CCTV film that might have revealed how Mr McCartney was killed and who killed him. A number of IRA members were involved in the killing and the subsequent destruction of evidence, although the IRA did not officially sanction the murder.

Another well-placed local source told The Irish Times yesterday that, notwithstanding this “cleaning” operation, police told him they had some forensic evidence from the scene. They also had CCTV film taken from the nearby law courts.

  • Davros

    What about that young Bangor girl

    seen the current Portadown News ? Scroll down to the writings of Chucky McScribbler.

  • Fanny

    That an apologist for the McCartney murderers could not only invoke the case of Lisa Dorrian (being thoroughly covered by the papers and properly investigated by the police, in actual fact – it’s the Montgomery case that’s fallen under the radar) but would use the login “justice for all victims” says a great deal about the utter moral bankruptcy facing Shinner republicanism.

  • beano;

    Well said Fanny, before I even read your post I was trying to come up with words to express my own similar disgust at JFAV’s blatant whataboutery.

  • Ricardo

    Not blind/JFAV

    I don’t know what circles you move in, but every nationalist i know still wholeheartedly supports the McCartney’s campaign. These aren’t ‘castle catholics’ either, these are friends of mine living in . .let’s just say a strongly pro Sinn Fein area of West Belfast.

  • fair_deal

    Not blind

    “Is it any wonder they have no support”

    But I thought they had the full support of the main nationalist party in their campaign for justice? Does that not signify subtantial support in nationalist areas?

  • Ricardo


    You are kidding yourself if you believe that the McCartney’s do not have support in all areas, including nationalist areas.

    How do the McCartney’s have an anti nationalist political campaign behind them? I thought Sinn Fein supported the family? are Sinn fein also part of the anti nationalist political campaign?

    There is a difference between an anti IRA campaign, and an anti Nationalist campaign which you are failing to grasp.

  • Mick

    Whoever you are who has posted on this thread five times under different names, please have the confidence to state your case once and then challenge your critics on their responses. Using the same name would help. And deciding where in Belfast you actually live!

    Please be warned that further occurences of playing the man rather than the ball will result in a straight red card!

  • Ricardo

    This game’s not straight . .

  • Mick

    How so Ricardo?

  • Ricardo

    sorry Mick, I wasn’t referring to you.

    I meant the individual who posted 5 times under various names. I find it very frustrating and it makes me wonder what the point is in commenting half the time.

  • Mick

    Absolutely Ricardo, which is why they are being hauled off as quickly as we detect them. Stick with us.

  • Fanny

    Three cheers for Mick!

  • ssr


    my question regarding cctv footage was removed. i am a relativly new poster having only discovered your site around a month or so ago, and i don’t really get much time to visit the site. is it possible that my post was removed because someone else used my email address (I don’t know if anyone did because I don’t now how to check) or was it the nature of my comment? Please let me know as it would benefit me with any future postings.


  • Mick

    ssr, certainly someone was using your ‘name’, who also shares the same IP. Apologies if I snipped something vital. But my priority in situations like this is too keep the discourse clean.

  • ssr

    don’t worry about it, as long as it helps ensure a better quality of debate and helps to keep the site open.