Republican expects negative Unionist response

Stephen Dempster quotes an unnamed Republican source who fears a negative reaction from Unionists to an expected positive IRA response to Gerry Adams’ call for them to pursue a politics only route forward will be negative and sceptical. Dempster notes that “Unionists have treated this debate with scepticism, claiming that Mr Adams already knew the outcome”.

  • mnob


    Yours is an interesting spin on the article – what the ‘source’ says is that the act will fall short of what unionists want – what the article above says is that unionists will give it a negative response.

    Splitting hairs I know but a small change of emphasis shifts ‘blame’ –

    oh and I’m not saying which version is the honest one.

  • maca

    I agree with mnob … either way any move forward is positive, if we can’t get disbandment or full disarmament right now I hope we can at least get some more guns off the streets and *some* degree of commitment to the democratic process.

  • spirit-level

    Maybe the IRA will organise several car-boot sales; as a fund-raiser for retirement. At least its more honest than robbing banks 😉

  • ulsterman

    How can anyone believe anything Adams says?. His time has gone.

    It will be a long time before SF become members of Her Majestys loyal government in Ulster.

    No Surrender and No compromise.

    God Save The Queen.

  • DerryTerry


    45 PSNI Detectives working 8 hours a day for the past 153 days equals 50, 080 Detective hours spent on the Northern Bank. Who did you say robbed it again? Based on what?

  • spirit-level

    How many banks would you say the IRA have robbed over the last 30 years.. approximately?

  • maca

    “Maybe the IRA will organise several car-boot sales;”

    Oh, i’d love to get one of those Kalasknikov bayonets, they’re cool. A Kakashnikov rifle would be cooler of course but it’s hard to get a licence for those.

  • spirit-level

    nice one maca, can you get me something


    “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”
    The IRA are very skilled at what they do, being the oldest guerilla group in Europe; not getting caught is the name of the game if you are up to dodgy stuff.
    What we need to do is to proceed with the Republican Struggle, which is a noble cause and not criminal in itself, and root out and rid ourselves of gangster elements that give us a bad name. How that is achieved is worthy of discussion.

  • Ringo

    It will be a long time before SF become members of Her Majestys loyal government in Ulster.

    Who’d have thunkit. Ulsterman accepts the principle of powersharing with Sinn Fein.

    Well I never, never, never….

  • Davros

    Ringo – ‘ulsterman’ IS a republican… a sock puppet playing childish games. I nearly said that he’s a ‘shinner’ but that would be unfair on all the reputable members of SF who post honestly on Slugger !

    One feature that would be great for Slugger would be the ability to put a named individual on ignore.

  • nowthatisprogressive

    Unionists will respond negatively.

    Firstly because obviously Adams knows the response he is going to get and knew what it was going to be before making his statement…otherwise he wouldnt have made it, so unionists will be cynical (as if we arent always)

    It is unfortunately in the DUP’s best interests to be negative (why break the habit of a liftime) in a society that rewards those who are hardest on the other side, this is hardly surprising.

    However if the IRA respond in the way i believe they will then the pressure will return to the DUP and Unionism, as Blair, Bertie, George etc turn their attention that way.

  • maca

    “nice one maca, can you get me something”

    If you’re a good boy and eat all your dinner.

  • Mike

    Indeed Davros, ‘ulsterman’ comes across as a republican’s very poor stereotype of a loyalist.

  • spirit-level

    s’long as it ain’t pigs arse , cabbage and shpuds again.
    Good idea Davros, lots of other sites have kicked/ignored/banned etc we ought to be able to improve all the time.

  • Davros

    It’s worth pointing out every so often Mike – Most regulars have a fair idea of what’s going on, but there are a lot of visitors who deserve to be warned!The person responsible should be ashamed.

  • Dr Snuggles

    A legitimate cause for concern is the (at this stage, rumoured) suggestion that the IRA response to Adams’s appeal may announce a non-timeframed “process” of transition to exclusively democratic and peaceful means.

    While I understand that the guns will not all go overnight, a further spinning out of this matter will not get us anywhere fast.

    An acceptance in principle by the IRA of a move to exclusively peaceful and democratic means would be an enormous step forward, but if it is expressed as the beginning of yet another “process”, it will be wide open to criticism as a sham, escpecially as under the December arrangements, decommissioning would have been completed within less than a month.

  • DerryTerry

    SL, i agree 100% that the Republican struggle is a noble one but like all conflicts it has attracted undesirables into the ranks of the Republican Movement, in a way that is all to common.

    I’m sure that in the Tan War and in every phase of the struggle since there were incidents that did no service to Republicanism, but the struggle and its objectives should not be diminished as a result.

    As to advancing the struggle now, I believe there is an onus on those who want to effect change to make it happen. Republicans serve no purpose bemoaning the conditions we find ourselves in, we need to change them, and this is where the discussion now needs to be taking place. How do we advance Republicanism in the here and now is certainly a discussion i would be interested in.

  • spirit-level

    “may announce a non-timeframed “process” of transition to exclusively democratic and peaceful means”
    No this is too cosy and casual even for yours truly.
    We need comfort zones removed, bubbles to burst, reality checks, clinical diagnostics, in short:
    Hey Mr IRA man are you f**king serious about your long terms goals or not. Because I am.
    Now stop wasting my precious time.
    (Rant over)

  • maca

    “s’long as it ain’t pigs arse , cabbage and shpuds again.”

    You’ll ate what yer given and you’ll enjoy it so ya will! Ungrateful hoors b’tard.

  • Ringo

    Ringo – ‘ulsterman’ IS a republican… a sock puppet playing childish games

    Who’d have thunkit. Republican Sockpuppet Ulsterman accepts the principle of Unionists accepting the principle of powersharing with Fenians.

    I never thought the day would come…..

  • fair_deal

    “the ‘source’ says is that the act will fall short of what unionists want”

    Then what is the point of doing the act?

  • Chris Gaskin

    If I was in the Ra’s position and If they are going to remove the guns etc, I would just do it and say “F**** the lot of you”

    If it’s not good enough for Unionism then tough!!

    Once it’s done it’s done and then all this bullshit talk about photographs and sackcloths will be consigned to history.

    Then the pressusre will be on Paisley to deliver powersharing.

  • Davros

    Chris – the problem with your scenario is that it would mean giving up all those extra concessions that have yet to be extracted 🙂

  • Chris Gaskin

    I don’t think so Davros, our mandate ensures that.

    I am just sick and tired of Unionism dictating what the IRA should or shouldn’t do.

    It is about time Paisleys ass was placed on the fire (not literally of course ;)) and lets see if his party can endorse power sharing

  • maca

    “not literally of course”

    Ah god dangit!!

  • fair_deal


    1. For one community to metaphorically say f*** you is hardly a positive or sustainable basis for powersharing. It also would perpetuate a belief that it is a concession process not a peace process that republicanism wants.
    2. Paisley is not Trimble. He and the DUP are very used to vilification here and abroad so coping with demonisation won’t be anything new.
    3. It stopped being about guns a couple of years ago, its the disabndment word now not decommissioning.

  • Chris Gaskin

    “its the disabndment word now not decommissioning.”

    I think you will be waiting a long time for that one but at least you are honest and admit the whole debate on decommissioning was just a red herring

  • fair_deal


    Decommissioning wasn’t a red herring. It was a test issue for Unionists – are they for real or is this all a game? A test the Provos failed plus their continuing violent and criminal activity meant the bar was raised.

  • Chris Gaskin

    Sorry FD

    But you don’t decide the bar, something you will learn eventually

  • fair_deal

    1. If SF/IRA wants Unionist involvement and co-operation then obviously Unionists have a decision in the bar. The terms of Unionist involvement aren’t going to be dictated to them.
    2. Nationalism has its bar – will the DUP share power? So this is not an example of Unionist intransigence just the nature of a peace process where the various parties needs must be addressed.

  • DCB


    And maybe SF will one day learn that private armies have no place in a democracy

  • PatMcLarnon

    Given the widespread attacks on nationalist homes in North Belfast in recent times by unionist paramilitaries. Not to mention the gun attacks that have seen over a dozen people shot by these same groups in the last fortnight, are unionists going to try and satisfactorily resolve this situation in order to create confidence among their Catholic neighbours?
    Or given the proximity of the marching season, where these people have traditionally provided a threatening presence, is it too much to ask?

  • fair_deal


    Your selectivity, and to a degree exaggeration, about recent events in North Belfast detracts from your point.

    SF call for Unionists to engage with loyalist paramilitarues to try and stop attacks or maintain calm during the protest season then if Unionists do so they attack them for it – damned if they don’t and damned if they do.

    On the attacks in North Belfast against Catholics, Unionist representatives condemned the attacks and I know at least one Unionist representative visited a number of the victims to offer what assistance he could.

  • andy

    There has been no outcry in unionist areas of East Belfast about the constant punishment shootings by paramilitaries.

    The m.p for the area,Peter Robinson has made no comment on the mutilation of his constituents.

    There were no unionist or Alliance statements on the punishment attack last weekend when a man was shot in his arms,knees and ankles.

    Perhaps this unionist man and his family are not relevant.

  • Comrade Stalin

    “The terms of Unionist involvement aren’t going to be dictated to them.”

    Righto. That’ll be joint authority then.

    [You guys will never figure it out will you ?]

  • fair_deal


    The position of the two main Unionist parties on punishment shootings is crystal clear they should not happen and they condemn then and anyone with any knowledge of an incident should give the information to the police. The PUP has also said they oppose them.


    Joint authority may be the latest nationalist wet dream but it isn;t going to happen.

  • spirit-level

    Do you have a crystal ball then 😉

  • andy

    “The PUP has also said they oppose them.”

    Tell that to the cripples lying in hospitals around Belfast and beyond.

  • Roger

    A positive statement from the ira would be we will decomission all our weapons in a transparent manner then we will disband and leave the political areana forever.

    Myself as a unionist will respond as follows ‘this is a good day for NI now we can have a democratic society’.

    Simple really.

  • bill

    then we will disband and leave the political areana forever.


  • Roger

    I suppose you would prefer they hung about murder and bomb a little more and continue to hold the process to ransom.

  • bill

    Is an ‘areana’ the same as an arena ??

  • Roger

    areana is a place that has been held in stagnation by the unwanted intervention of a third party.

    An arena is a venue so no they are not the same.

  • Colm

    Northern Ireland needs a robust but genuinely egalitarian police force and judicial authorities backed with political will to deal completely with the strutting criminals who pollute it, and that includes every paramilitary group without exception. Northern Ireland doesn’t have it or anything like it at the moment.

  • kev

    cg comments on s f having use of a private army, but neglects to mention unionism has looked to it’s own armed forces i.e black and tans, b specials, r u c, as an armed back up against nationalism, since the inception of the state.
    when it comes to history all unionists have a very selective memory.

  • Chris Gaskin

    “cg comments on s f having use of a private army”

    Sorry Kev but I never said that, you must be thinking of someone else

  • Davros

    Chris – I think possibly he was misreading DCB’s post June 2 ?

  • barnshee

    “Then the pressure will be on Paisley to deliver powersharing”

    Paisley and co are under absolutely no pressure from the vast majority of protestants to deliver powersharing –the message given to the DUP was very clear -keep the shinners arses out of seats in a local assembly and your vote will increase- compromise a la Trimble and we might as well go back to the UUP.

    There will thus be no local assembly. The two communities are now irreversibly divided further separation is inevitable.

  • Chris Gaskin

    Joint Authority is inevitable if Paisley won’t play ball

    It will be much harder for Unionists to accept that than Nationalists.

  • kev

    the fundemental issue at the present, is the utmost need for the d u p and their vast array of support to recognise that the prospect of any shade of nationalism sharing power with a party led by a world renowned bigot, and steeped in anti-catholisism is as equally abhorrent to them as sinn fein is to that party and it’s cohorts.

  • barnshee

    “Joint Authority is inevitable if Paisley won’t play ball

    It will be much harder for Unionists to accept that than Nationalists”

    There can be no joint authority -its not in the GFA (ha aha ah laughs up sleeve) No representation without taxation to turn a phrase on its head -the DUPERS are behind the 8 ball if they move they lose so no move.

  • Chris Gaskin

    “There can be no joint authority -its not in the GFA”

    Paisley says it’s dead

    If it’s dead JA if not work the GFA

    He has the choice