Family deported minus 7 year old child

A row has broken out as Gardai in the ROI, during a mass deportation of Romanians, failed to include a seven year old child whose present whereabouts is unknown.Boy, 7, left behind as family deported

The story has also received coverage on UTV – Search underway for Romanian boy and Boy left behind after parents deported to Romania

It has been claimed that no attempt was made to locate the boy after Gardai discovered he was not at school. (UTV report)

From Breaking News report:

Rosanna Flynn, spokeswoman for Residents Against Racism, said the family had been in the country for three years.

Ms Flynn said Garda National Bureau of Immigration (GNBI) had gone into the boy’s school looking for him, but he was with a relative, so they took his parents without him.

She said Education Minister Mary Hanafin had already called for an end to incidents of the GNBI going into schools and said questions would be asked in the Dail over the issue.

Ms Flynn added the boy’s mother had been very upset at Dublin Airport.

“We’re calling again for asylum to be taken out of the hands of politicians and given to a body such as a human rights commission, because it’s a human rights issue,” she said.

Ms Flynn also said the anti-racism group was demanding greater transparency in asylum process which she said was currently “done so secretly”.

“Why are we spending money to deport people to Romania, when in two years’ time it will be part of the EU?” she added.

Romania is one of five countries with which a new accelerated process is in place to deal with asylum applications.

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  1. Maca,

    ok there are some decent people in the guards,but they from my own experience of meeting them are only recent recruits who were young and idealistic and planned to make ireland a safer and better place,they didnt expect to be confronted by the corruption in there that was the reality ,
    I WOULD BY NO MEANS consider them to make up the majority of gardai ,just as there was a minority of Ruc men who joined from idealism of making a better future for all and werent sectarian biggots,both these forces were and are too rotten to fix by the addition of a few good eggs. due TO the divide in north I DIDnt know any ruc men ,and didnt want to because of what the uniform stood for to nationalists,however,from local gossip Iknow of RUC men who in their personal dealings and family lives ,would have made good friends in a non polarised society,but they too were a minority

  2. Maca,
    any idea where garda donal corcoran ROBO COP of MAYDAY riots is now ,great colour picture in front of the Irish examminer of MR Mac Brearty helping guards with their enquiry

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