McCartney sisters calls for public pressure

Gemma McCartney with a passionate appeal for people to do whatever they have to bring justice to the killers of her brother in the latest issue of the Blanket. She argues, “brave men who have fought and suffered for principles have admitted that this crime has become a public embarrassment to their aspirations for truth and justice. This must be rectified before the credibility of nationalism, republicanism or political mandates can be restored”.

  • Liam

    I may sound cold, but I am fed up listening to these women. I feel sorry for them and their situation, but please, there are only so many ways you can say the same line over and over!!!



    It would be interesting to know if your felt the same way after hearing the calls for justice of the Finucane family?

    or justice for the victime of Bloody Sunday?

    How many years have people beeen going on and on about those Dublin and Monaghan bombings?

    let us know what you think Liam.

  • Mick

    I’m going to let those two comments stand. But I’ve seen too many threads going west after just such an opening.

    Substantive criticism please?!?

  • Henry94

    We could just admit that the thing cuts both ways. Who could claim to have always stood for justice no matter what the political circumstances surrounding a particular case. I can’t think of anybody.

    We tend to look on justice as a limited quantity to be fought over instead of something that we can all have.

  • Jimmy_Sands

    The probelm to my mind with the McCartney campaign is that it based on the attempt to construct a narrative in which the murder is an aberration. It is not a betrayal of provisionalism. It is provisionalism.

  • PatMcLarnon

    ‘This must be rectified before the credibility of nationalism, republicanism or political mandates can be restored”.’

    I think that Ms Mc Cartney takes too much upon herself in deigning when and how political mandates can be restored.
    Republican mandates were restored only four weeks ago. While she and her hundred or so supporters may have boycotted the election the majority of those nationalists who did vote enhanced the republican mandate right across the northern part of our country.

  • ballymichael

    “Justice for all victims” = “Justice for no victims”

    Case by case, on its merits, step by step.

    Question: “When will all victims and families get the same stardom?”

    Answer: not before judgement day! In the meantime, the stardom goes to those who sweat for it.

    Like the McCartney and Finucane families. The underlying struggle is, of course, the same one.

  • Carrington

    Immeadiatly after Mr. McCartney’s murder, the Provo-supporting commentators on here wouldn’t dare say a word against the family, but now with the passage of time they have shown us all what they really think. Disgusting.

  • Davros

    sudden arrival of several new posters, all spelling or typing poorly, to slag off the McCartneys .
    How coincidental 😉

  • DCB


    I’m afriad as I remember it there were some (thought a lot less than now) trying to blacken their name in the immediate aftermath.

    So we have two posters saying that the McCarthy’s have no support whatsoever in any nationalist community. Presmamably every SDLP voter takes the SF line then on them??

    If they’d done what the above posters would have had them do then nobody would have been arrested.

    Sadely I fear that if the ra hadn’t robbed the Northern Bank the murder would have been swept Mowlan like under the carpet. But that’s no fault of the family.

    Of course there’s a lot of other families who’ll never see justice but that doesn’t mean that the McCarthy’s should sit back and do nothing.