Kilcloney: UUP could lose half Assembly seats!

John D Taylor (aka Lord Kilclooney) has warned his party that any new leader must concentrate on turning round the party’s finances and preparing itself for a bruising contest with the DUP should an Assembly election be called in the wake of a new comprehensive deal.

…time is short for the UUP to respond to its present vacuum. If we waste time and simply drift as before than I fear that at least half of our MLAs will lose their seats,” he warned. The former deputy leader of the Assembly group is offering to be an interim leader until the next annual meeting of the Ulster Unionist Council in April of next year, when he would resign.

“This would give everyone time to reflect upon who would be suitable as a longer term leader yet, at the same time, ensure that urgent decisions, which are now necessary, are taken. We do not have the luxury of indecision throughout the summer as the Northern Ireland Office has already commenced with the political parties and we should be preparing for an Assembly election,” the peer went on.