Eurosceptics discount EU subsidy?

Brian Walker muses on a number of interesting subjects this week, including the highly poluting flights to Belfast and Dublin! However he notes the Eurosceptic common ground between the DUP and Sinn Fein, but wonders if they’re not taking some benefits for granted:

Interesting to see DUP, Unionist and Sinn Fein MEPs in chiming unity, even if only to oppose the doomed EU constitutional treaty. With our own version of the European bonanza set to slow down over the next couple of years, it’s easier now to kick the whole project in the teeth. But it’s worth remembering that Northern Ireland has benefited from Peace Funds to the tune of £350m in six years and double that from structural funds. Farm subsidies will continue at similar levels, but for countryside management rather than unwanted food production.

  • Occasional Commentator (was Commenter)

    The fact that the EU paid various monies into NI is no reason to expect all of NI to fall into line and accept rule from Brussels. These EU funds come from taxpayers all across the EU, and some money from NI taxpayers would also have been used to pay subsidies in other parts of Europe. Are we expected to auction our votes and sovereignty to the highest bidder?

    And those funds weren’t given entirely altruistically, building up a country’s infrastructure is done mainly to create a trading partner who can afford to buy your exports.

    The structural funds are because of an EU which is a trading bloc, and is not a justification for a superstate.

  • Carrington


    Furthermore, while NI recives a net surplus of money from the EU – the UK is a net contributor i.e. they are giving is back our own money!

  • Fraggle

    Carrington, I like your definition of ‘our own money’. Northern Ireland seems to have the hand in everywhere. The place is a complete waste of money. Why the english who largely pay for it put up with it is beyond me.