Apologies for our enforced hiatus..

I’m sorry for the outage on Slugger from Thursday night until last night. It seems to have been a misunderstanding between us and our US server hosts. The advantage of hosting the site in the states is cost and quality of customer service. Th obvious problem is that when the site goes down in the day time over here, it can take a while to get their customer service to act. The problem was that last month we thought we’d upgraded to cope with the increase in traffic, but their billing department seems not to have been notified.

  • willowfield

    Have some of the threads been lost?

  • bertie

    It’s been sheer hell. I must do something about my addiction. Is there a patch?

  • Alex

    Willowfield – no threads have been lost, there are no threads from the 27th while Slugger was offline.

    And bertie – I feel much the same, if there isnt a patch there might be some gum?…



    never apologise and never explain.

  • Eagle


    I disagree wtih TAFKABO. Do apologize, it shows you take your endeavors seriously. This is not some idle lark. And, do explain. One thing that always drives me nuts is not having an explanation. I don’t care if it’s when I’m stuck on a train not moving between stations or in a trafic jam or when my cable t.v. goes out the frustration of not getting the service expected is compounded by not knowing what went wrong in the first place.

    Does your hosting company offer 24/7/365 telephone support?

  • maca

    Well in this case the problem was self-explanatory:

    Error 1169: Excessive nationalist mopeing and unionist whinging, not to mention general whataboutery has caused this account to exceed its monthly bandwidth limit. Contact your host administrator to increase your bandwith limit, or tell your users to stop talking shit!

    … but I agree it is good to know, plus such communication adds that professional touch 😉

  • Alex

    I think it’s important for the users to know what has been happening – the site can’t just disappear and reappear without any reason!

  • bertie

    I’m a nervous wreck :o(

  • Mick

    It should stick now. I’m off back to tackle the jungle my garden’s become from all this unhealthy time on the internet. I’ll be back to normal blogging tomorrow.

  • Davros

    I’m off back to tackle the jungle my garden’s become from all this unhealthy time on the internet.

    Mick – a goat will solve that problem 🙂 If it’s a small garden, a goose!