A year's delay after IRA move?

Brian Feeney reckons that whatever happens, the DUP will not be going into power with Sinn Fein until a good year after the expected statement from the IRA accepting Adams’ initiative outlining a politics only way forward to the whole Republican movement. He also points out that whatever Republicans make of the IMC (even the DUP was lukewarm on it at the time of it’s establishment), they will have to get through a year of positive reporting before anything moves.

  • fair_deal

    This is not a revelation.

    Peter Robinson months ago said that if republicans acted unilaterally and did things in a manner to suit themselves then it would have consequences including the timetable for co-operation.

  • bob wilson

    ‘its MPs will dominate the Northern Ireland Committee.’ ??

    I know Feeney is a nationalist and one does expect him to know much about Westminster but the above doesnt make sense. The Northern Ireland Affairs Ctte has a Labour majority like all Select Cttes. And the Grand Ctte is a non event.
    Mind you facts have never been a Feeney strong point

  • Dessertspoon

    As Johnny Logan once sang, “What’s another year?”.

  • Alan

    We’d also be one year away from another assembly election.

  • Alex

    ” And the Grand Ctte is a non event.”

    It might be if all of our sitting MPs attended!

  • spirit-level

    It would be a heroic move for the IRA to disband.