AC Milan chun an corn a thógáil?

Ní me abalta an cluiche mór stairiúil a fheiceal anocht, mar beidh me ag eitilt ar ais go mBeal Feirste. Imríodh Learpholl agus AC Milan a chéile den chéad uair i gcomórtas Eorpach. Creideann Lá go mbeadh Milan na favorites chun an corn a thógáil. Ach beidh suil mór ag a lan daoine i bhfud an Bhreatain agus Éireann, nach mbeidh sin an cas.

  • fair_deal

    If there is to be a European Cup thread today that non-irish speakers could have participated.

  • Mick

    The upshot is that La thinks Milan will shade it. Sorry FD, I’ve been very short of time to day. Perhaps one of my colleagues will oblige??

  • fair_deal

    Thanks Mick.

  • PS

    Tá suil agam go mbeidh an bua ag Milan. Chuir mé deich phunt orthu ag 11/10. Ni chreidim go bhfuil an scíl nó abileacht ag Learphoil.

  • fair_deal

    “The upshot is that La thinks Milan will shade it.”

    Oh those of little faith. The Gods will look favourably upon Liverpool this evening (if only that both Paddy Canuck and myself can agree for once and have lots of fun baiting Man U supporters on here tomorrow.)

    As a Liverpool fan I will certainly hold this lack of faith against La the next time they are complaining about the amount of their public subsidy 😉

  • Mick

    My brother’s backing the reds from Thailand. I’ve a friend here who’s six year old son is making an improvised Milan shirt by crayoning in the black stripes on a red tee shirt. They are both Villa supporters!

  • lamh_dearg

    Beidh craic mór í Learpholl anocht ar chor ar bith. Má tá an bua ag Milan beidh lucht Everton ar mhuin na muice leis an ceathrú ait.

  • Mick

    I’ll probably back Liverpool out of family loyalty and the good memories of three months standing on the Kop back in 1983!

  • PaddyCanuck

    I am with you all the way fair_deal…

    Come on the pool!

    My nerves are in shatters, lets make it 5!!

    How about the “Fields of Anfield Road” for a new cross community national anthem!

    If Manure fans do’nt like it I am sure fair_deal will agree, they can all move to manc land!

  • fair_deal

    Amen brother

  • maca

    Go dté an corn go Milan anocht! Fingers are crossed.

  • fair_deal

    La gets it wrong SHOCK.

    Championes! Championes!

  • lamh_dearg

    Maith iad ar fád!

    Ach an mbeidh siad abalta dúl isteach sa chomartas an bhlian seo chugainn?

  • Concubhar

    “Lá” gets it wrong shock!

    Dar ndoigh ní raibh gach duine I Lá ar aon intinn faoin breith sin.

    Learpholl abú!

  • Mick

    Fair play to Liverpool. I missed the goals, but they kept their nerve in the closing half hour and forced Milan to lose theirs – which as it happens seems to have been a theme this year – Rangers and Celtic, Arsenal and Man U!

    The question is though, will Liverpool be allowed to defend the Cup next year?

  • Davros

    will Liverpool be allowed to defend the Cup next year?

    I sincerely hope so or we’ll never hear the end of it from the scousers 😉

  • fair_deal

    UEFA first reaction is NON.

    …fair_deal retreats into mumbling about bloody Europeans and how we saved all their assess in two world wars ;-)…

  • fair_deal

    “we’ll never hear the end of it from the scousers ;)”

    Not just scousers Davros 😉

  • Davros

    Harry Enfield would have a field day LOL

  • fair_deal