Paisley: Sinn Fein have chosen terrorism first

Start as you mean to go on. Ian Paisley is clearly revelling in his long sought after position as the voice of Unionism. It’s no coincidence that he went straight into quoting Burke (who was part of Trimble’s keynote in his Nobel Lecture), in his victory speech. In Westminster he somewhat nailed his colours to the mast when he suggested that the days of terrorism on both sides have come to an end.

We have to go another road and that road must be that no terrorist, whether they come from one side or the other, can be in any government of any part of this United Kingdom. There must be, to these men, an ultimatum given by the Government: the day of terrorism is over. You can’t shoot your way into government office – you can’t murder and rob banks and destroy the country and them demand, because you’ve a mandate, you’re going to get into government.

On Sinn Fein, he said:

They are locking themselves out of the talks, not us. They made the choice. They said: ‘It’s terrorism for us, we’re holding on to our guns’. We’re saying democracy must and will prevail.