Ahern: IRA Has Begun Consultation Process

  • Dessertspoon

    Motivation – er filling in an awkward silence in the conversation. No-one has a baldie notion about anything in Norn Iron. We all fly by the seat of our pants. Why would Bertie be any different.

  • daithi

    What funeral, which codeword, whose sources, what announcement, which certain media?????

    An announcement of this magnitude will be leaked carefully to trusted and/or respected journalists and commentators.

    Independent News and Media will be told just after the Burkina Faso Times and before the North East Dakota Chronicle.

  • Circles

    Theres no such paper called the Burkina Faso Times – anyway Burkina is francophone.
    I think theres one paper called the Sidwaaya, but the rest I can’t remember (must be the old age)

    Apparently Bertie’s next announcement will concern the date 25th December and the possibility that this year it may just coincide with the feast we cal Christmas. Keep those exclusives up Bertie – yer not the head honcho fer nuthin’

  • 6countyprod

    So what’s your connection to Burkina, Circles?

    Favourite Quote:
    ‘If you’re not confused about what is going on in Northern Ireland, then you don’t know what is going on.’ Brad Pitt (forget the movie title)

  • D’Oracle

    Ok thats decommissioning done.

    Whats next, decontamination?.

    Then, maybe, disbandment?.

    After that, some disavowal would be good.

    Not much left then, a touch of disembowelling perhaps

    (Complete a Sindo headline “No talks without prior d……..” -word and allow 10 years procrastination for each d-word)

    As a parlour game, I admit it still needs a bit of detailing here and there but what do yiz think so far ; keep working on it or time to try a key concept ?

  • Davros

    LOL D’Oracle – If folks on the Hill is right this evening the DUP has changed tack (Votail DUP ? )

  • Circles

    to 6countyprod:
    I used to live there

  • D’Oracle

    Votail DUP sounds a bit premature ; probably just first steps in a new piece of politicking?

  • Davros

    I presume you didn’t see Folks On The Hill then D’Oracle ? it was a wonderful spoof – With Paisley explaining that having gathered in the unionist community, it was time they reached out to nationalists and republicans – party literature in Irish etc etc … Very funny sketch.