Steven King’s “completely unscientific starting prices”

Steven King gives his odds for the various candidates for the next leader of the UUP. Unsurprisingly, Jeffrey Dondaldson (200-1) is the rank outsider – although double the odds of Basil McCrea (100-1) may be a slight exaggeration. While in contrast, perhaps, to the opinion of David Burnside (8-1), who “was seen as the hard Right’s choice in 1995 and.. would be seen as such in 2005”, Steven King’s favoured candidate is Sylvia Hermon (11-4), “Even if she were not so clever, likeable and downright sexy, any potential UUP leader with a Westminster seat must have a distinct advantage.”.. Ermm.. well.. there’s a long way to go in this particular race. Other runners are – Sir Reg Empey (3-1), Lord Kilclooney (4-1), Jim Nicholson (9-2), Lord Maginnis (10-1), Michael McGimpsey (15-1), James Cooper (20-1), Lord Rogan (25-1), Danny Kennedy (40-1), David McNarry (66-1). [Spotted by George]