BBC's objectivity criticised

In today’s Guardian an ex BBC reporter (Robin Aitken) accuses the Beeb of ‘institutionalised leftism” and also thinks that the UUP got a rough ride at their hands. He doen’t make any specific reference to BBC NI…

  • fair_deal

    the link isn’t working

  • John
  • fair_deal

    Thanks john.

    I mustlook for reviews of the book might be worth buying

  • Dessertspoon

    Hello…it’s me Dessertspoon….sorry to interrupt the political discourse but I just wanted to invite you to take part in the Slugger referendum on the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement.

    Just click here to vote. The question is “Do you feel the Good Friday Agreement is still relevant and should be implemented in its entirety?” as suggested by JL Pagano.

  • barney

    I voted twice, hope that’s OK.

  • Dessertspoon

    OMG – Electoral fraud!!!

  • fair_deal

    From a republican too. Shock! 😉

  • barney

    Is it still fraud if they cancel each other out?

  • fair_deal

    The answer is probably yes but it could be a mitigating circumstance.

    Also your indecision on the agreement makes you sound perfect for the UUP, why not throw your hat in the ring for leader by the looks of Steven King’s list it is all comers welcome.

  • Darrell Monteith

    Nothing new in this, the BBC like most journalist / media organisations are left wing and anti – unionist.

    This is not that much of a problem for unionists since the recent election results show beyond doubt that these “sages” are of little importance as the DUP ahead of all rivals in spite of thinly veiled contempt from BBC NI in particular.

    Their importance is deliberately talked, usually by themselves, I guess they are fully paid up members of the self preservation society.

  • Paul O

    Anti-unionist? Carruthers, Thompson and especially Davenport always seem very anti-SF more than anything else.

  • Snapper

    It is as well Robin Aiken didn’t include BBCNI in his analysis as it is the compltete opposite. Right wing pro-union.

  • Fanny

    Impartiality is impossible. The main thing is that the BBC annoys DUPes and Shinners in roughly equal measure, because (a) they deserve it and (b) the media is Northern Ireland’s ‘opposition’ by default.
    As for singling out Mark Devenport – grow up.

  • Gum

    I agree with paul o on the Devenport point Fanny, Im not a SF supporter but I can still see an obvious bias. If you have read the biography of Adams that he co-wrote, you’ll see plenty of examples that ruined an otherwise good read.

  • W.C. Varones

    For non-Brits, who don’t know about the vicious thuggery used to fund the BBC, a post here.

  • Fanny

    And if you read the autobiography Adams wrote himself…

  • Comrade Stalin

    I think the BBC is a great organization, but not without it’s faults. Good journalists tend to be people who question authority, and the BBC are more independent than most which is probably why unionists in particular have a problem with them.

    Republicans equally despise the BBC as a pillar of the establishment, forgetting that a lot of the collusion revelations they like to go on about a lot came from BBC investigations, such as Panorama documentaries.

  • Chris Gaskin

    “Republicans equally despise the BBC”

    Not really, more so UTV

  • marc

    The BBC clearly have some good journalists

    Sadly this does not extend to some of those within the written media

    The Sunday World carried a story yesterday regarding the murder of Lisa Dorrian

    It claimed that jewellery found on a beach close to the scene belonged to lisa,

    this has been denied by the family,who were at no time contacted by the journalists or paper with regard to the story.

    The Sunday World claimed that a major breakthrough in the case had been made.

    Will some journalists and newspapers sink so low as to make up a story ,just to get a front page headline and sell a few extra copies

    The obvious distress of the family over the story is heart breaking

    Another example of our local gutter press

  • 6countyprod

    For many years, while living in the bush in Africa, my only source of news was from the BBC World Service.

    I was regularly appalled at the BBC bias against White South Africans, the Israelis, Unionists in NI and the USA. It seemed like every day, either on the regular news bulletins or special reports, there was a Palestinian or an anti-Apartheid campaigner, or an Irish republican sympathiser or an America-hater, spewing forth venom and propaganda against their respective opponents.

    I’m absolutely convinced there is a left-wing bias in the BBC, and they are right up there in the league of liberal fundamentalists.

    I do, however, really like Noel Thompson. He can wind everybody up, as he did with Gerry, Mark and the Big Man on the election count day.

  • Fanny

    Ah yes but BBC World Service is staffed entirely by nice little rich girls from Oxbridge with a huge guiilt complex about daddy’s millions in general and how daddy’s millions landed them their jobs in particular.
    Which makes it quite unlike the rest of the BBC, which is staffed entirely by their elder brothers.

  • Dessertspoon

    Thanks for voting.

    Slugger Web Poll

    Do you feel the Good Friday Agreement is still relevant and should be implemented in its entirety?




  • Betty Boo

    Yes, Noel Thompson, the one and only, the wannabe intellectual, wannabe Jeremy Paxton. And when it fails (usually, since there has to be something there in the first place to take something out) he resorts to offending and feels all mighty if successful.
    If I only would be paid for giving out!

  • Conor

    Wannabe Jeremy Paxton? Who is he?

    Presumably you mean the author of the critically acclaimed “Manchester United Football Annual 2001?” He’s the only Paxton I can see on the interweb!

  • Betty Boo


    Newsnight. Very smirk and arrogant but brilliant. That would be the one.

  • Jo

    “I was regularly appalled at the BBC bias against White South Africans…every day, either on the regular news bulletins or special reports, there was an anti-Apartheid.”

    Sorry that you were appalled, but thats what you get for being on the wrong side of the biggest moral issue of the last half century….