Avoiding the blandishments of the Dark Side

A final final act of randomness.. I promise. As the end middle of the road is reached in Cannes, George Lucas is starting on the revisionism (and excuses).. while the Guardian wittily [IMO] asks “Could you be a Jedi knight?”. Elsewhere, Donald Clarke, Irish Times film critic, gives his verdict on the final part of the Star Wars saga[Realplayer audio file] – “I have to have a colonoscopy once every few years and the last six I’ve had to go and see one of these things about as often.. at least you’re sedated for the medical procedure..”

Oh yeah.. my score on the Guardian Quiz?

You scored 9 out of a possible 10.

Jedi master. The Force is indeed strong in you, but remember, pride is one of the paths to the Dark Side. Do not become arrogant in your achievement, or believe that anyone is impressed. They’re not.