The gloves are off..

As the UUP try to figure out what comes next in the post-Trimble era, one of the potential candidates for the position of leader of the party, David Burnside, has publicly slated the only remaining UUP MP, Sylvia Hermon – “If the party wants to go off on some sort of softy, wishy-washy, liberal sort of route they’ll have a lot of other people who are still in the party stepping aside from it. We don’t need to go that route.” Burnside says he would prefer Lord Kilclooney as an “interim leader”.. but until when? Sylvia Hermon had previously said she was “neither amused nor impressed” by the talk of a corporate or caretaker leadership. This could get ugly.. Update The BBC report – “The new leader of the Ulster Unionist Party will be elected at a special meeting of the party’s ruling council on 23 June. Until then three prominent members will be in charge – party president Lord Rogan, assembly member Sir Reg Empey and its only MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon.”