Unionist Sluggers make the Tele…

THE glorious inter-unionist punch-up on this thread has made the pages of the Belfast Telegraph. It’s all getting very bitter lads – keep it up!Noel McAdam wrote:

A senior party official also publicly clashed with a veteran member, speech writer and commentator on the Slugger O’Toole bloggers website.

Press officer Alex Benjamin asked regular media pundit Alex Kane: “Do you not have a problem slagging the party that you profess to be a member of?

“Would it be possible for you to actually come up with a proposal or plan for once rather than just slate everything that you happen to disagree with?”

Mr Kane said he accepted there is a serious conflict of interests between membership of the UUP and his freelance journalism.

“But what has seriously annoyed me in the last couple of years in particular has been the refusal of key figures to listen to anyone who suggested that the party had problems.”

Can I quickly thank Alex for his forthright and polite response. He is always welcome here, and I hope others will afford him the same courtesy that he extends to them. He is certainly under no obligation to come on here, so – whatever your opinion on his opinions – I think he would be missed if he were not to return.

But I believe the most interesting comments were possibly from a Mr Brewster, a little later in the heated ‘discussion’.

And any word on those UUP defectors yet?