Legalise the IRA..?

IF the IRA isn’t going to go away completely, but is prepared to adhere to “purely political and democratic means”, “it could transform into something as demonstrably militarily innocuous as the GAA”, suggests Anthony McIntyre.In such circumstances, argues the the two governments could take the responsibility out of unionist hands, make the call on whether the IRA has ended all paramilitary and related criminal activity, and legalise it. Since a legislative loophole means it’s no longer illegal to be an IRA member, such a step might not sound as far-fetched as it appears at first glance.

ADDS: After checking, it appears that it’s no longer illegal to be a UVF member or UDA member either, as the loophole applies to groups on a recognised ceasefire.

To be honest, this interpretation of the law appears to be something the Government has deliberately chosen not to address. Wonder why…