Allegations of voting malpractice…

Spring has sprung and the first cuckoo has been heard. The Newsletter carries a report that Upper Bann MLA Dolores Kelly MLA has alleged that Sinn Féin were guilty of electoral malpractice, a charge that is lent some credence by comments reported from the electoral office and denied by a SF spokesman in Upper Bann.
Illegal Vote Tricks Used By SF Says MLA Kelly

Upper Bann SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly claims that, during voting on Thursday, Sinn Fein was illegally smuggling out of pollings stations the names of nationalists who had not been ticked off the electoral registers after voting. Mrs Kelly fears people who had not voted then received visits from republicans, asking them to go and vote, as she has seen happen before. A spokesman for the Electoral Office said they strongly suspected the practice went on and they called it “absolutely illegal”.