DUP spot ‘guerrilla’ in the midst…

JUST homing in on Ballymena for a second, and things should be interesting in the Ardeevin council chambers when the new council meets. The DUP has regained control in Paisley’s adopted hometown – but for the first time ever, the Democratic Unionists will have to deal with a Sinn Fein member in their midst.But with loudmouth bigot Robin Stirling of the DUP back in, expect little of value to be properly discussed in the town for four years. How he will contain himself at the temerity of a Sinn Feiner (and a WOMAN, to boot!) getting into the bastion of rural Protestantism is hard to see. God help the poor woman… hope she can give as good as she gets.

Commiserations to Slugger reader Peter Brown, and his UUP colleague Lexi Scott, who were both eliminated, although another young Sluggerette, Neil Armstrong, took one small step for unionism and held his UU seat. Former Ballymena mayor, James Currie, who famously took a stand agains the Harryville protest, got in too.

Former Irish rugby forward Davey Tweed is back. He’s a big fella, so don’t go reminding him about standing for the Soldier’s Song.

Congratulations to the SDLP’s PJ McAvoy and the Policing Ombudman’s husband Declan O’Loan (isn’t that an odd phrase!) for retaining their seats.

However, the day in the City of the Seven Towers certainly belongs to the DUP. The swings in the People’s Park will never be safe on a Sunday again(!)