McCartney killers to be named in today’s EU debate?

In the runup to today’s debate (mentioned earlier here and here on Slugger, and here and here on sicNotes – and the indefatigable Balrog*) in the European Parliament on a resolution supporting the family of Robert McCartney, condemning IRA criminality and violence and calling on Sinn Fein to “insist” that witnesses speak directly to the PSNI, an MEP has threatened to reveal – under parliamentary privilege – the names of the people he believes responsible for the murder.The Times Online edition reports:

“Jim Allister, from Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, has threatened to name those involved in the attack on Mr McCartney in the European Parliament.

He said he may use his parliamentary privilege to identify individuals alleged to have been in the crowd at the time of the attack.”

The article continues:

“This month, Mr Allister said he would name up to four of the key IRA and Sinn Fein members who allegedly participated in Mr McCartney’s stabbing by a mob.

“I anticipate describing the roles of named individuals in the killing of Robert McCartney. I obviously have to make optimum use of the short time allocated for the debate in the European Parliament so I may restrict it to three or four of the main people,” he said.”

EU Politix has its own piece on the subject, which includes this:

“Jim Allister said he would not prejudice a criminal trial, but may use his parliamentary immunity to identify those alleged to have been in the Belfast bar when McCartney was murdered in January.”

And it merits a mention in the Guardian online edition this afternoon.

* added thanks to heads-up from Balrog.