Sinn Fein must decide which side of the law it is on

A very combatant editorial from the Christian Science Monitor saying that Gerry Adams must deliver on his ‘initiative’, otherwise: “…these lofty words will float like puffy clouds of rhetoric unless he grounds them with action. And nowhere is this more urgent than in getting the IRA to give up its weapons and mafia-style criminality”.It concludes:

In this case of IRA vigilantism, Adams appears to be on the side of the law. He’s called for people to speak up, and has expelled two witnesses from Sinn Fein for failing to provide information. But Adams could set an example by actually assisting law enforcement, instead of internally working the Sinn Fein/IRA system. Even more, he could use this as an opportunity to encourage Catholics to join the police force. As long as Sinn Fein tolerates IRA vigilante justice and criminality, it’s hard to take Adams’s words seriously when he says the IRA must change.