One Unionist punter’s gross smugness

This is worth reprinting, from reader Ulster Watchman:On the subject of gross smugness …..

“South Belfast was always going to be a potential problem for unionism after Martin Smyth stood down. I don’t think anyone else could have held it for the party in 2001. If the UUP selects the Undertaker, the seat is lost because as pinko liberal he is anathema to the traditional unionist vote without which he cannot be elected. I think this could be Fermanagh South Tyrone allover again where a pig-headed UUP tries to foist a Trimble man on unionists in a marginal seat and end up losing it after a split vote.

“Could someone go down on bended knee in the Bar Library to, say, Peter King or John Hunter, or anyone who isn’t associated with the Trimble Catastrophe?

“Anyone want to bet on a UUP wipe out?

“Posted by: The Watchman at January 21, 2005 06:28 PM”

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