Listen lads (and lasses)…

I wanted to do an eloquent wrap (ala Delevan). But, I’m knackered and looking for a wet! Thanks to all of you for supporting us the whole way through. Thanks too to Radio Ulster for keeping us up to date once the results started to show. And to all of those people in the parties on the ground who kept throwing us confirmations, denials and generally keeping us square! The excellent Dan McGinn!! Thanks to our donors and sponsors who made it possible. But spare a thought for the politicians who put themselves through this gruelling competition.

We may have a short reprise on Monday and Tuesday for the council results, but then again I’ve a backlog of other projects back at Slugger Central to catch up on. So, for now, goodnight, and (go dtí tú slan) goodbye!

PS: If you’ve enjoyed the ride, please put what you can in the pot, and help keep us going for the rest of the political year!!