6.36: Trimble departs the Parliamentary stage

An emotional David Trimble thanked his wife and his family and suggested that his defeat might be a silver lining for them at least. “The Democratic Unionist Party have had a great result here but that they have inherited a very strong position for unionism”. And he wished his opponent well in defending that good position. He went on to suggest that with power comes responsibility. David Simpson’s vote was up by 8% and Trimble was down by 8%. Simpson: “I know there are a number of people who did not vote for me today, but I hope that you will in the future”.

7 thoughts on “6.36: Trimble departs the Parliamentary stage”

  1. No prob Mike,

    Davros’ pedantry must be contagious. I did not mean to be picky, you have done a powerful job over the last week or two!

  2. Trimble says he left unionism in a “very strong position” – I’m glad that he didn’t leave it in a weak one.

    Wise up, Trimble – you had your chance and you blew it. You are yesterday’s man. Close the door on the way out.

  3. our Portillo moment

    you reckon the UUP will get it back in a few elections then David ? 😉

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