…And They're Off

Paddy Power’s odds on general election results will make for depressing reading for the UUP with a price of just 5/4 offered on the party retaining just a single seat while its chances of retaining two are longer at 7/4. The SDLP fares no better at trackside with the odds of the party retaining a single seat offered at 4/6 and their chances of winning no seats at all is considered more likely by the bookies at 9/1 than their chances of taking three at 11/1 . On the other hand Sinn Féin candidates are strongly fancied to take six seats or more at a very tight price of 2/5 on. Presumably DUP supporters wouldn’t dream of countenancing such Devil’s roulette but Paddy Power thinks it most likely that the party will end up with ten or more seats at a price of 6/4.

  • aquifer

    Is this real betting or money laundering?

  • Naoise Nunn

    It is whatever you want it to be…but, since winnings on online bets are tax free here, at odds of 2/5 on a Shinner Six Plus, you’d have to take a punt!

  • Davros

    an interesting day – will today being the anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands be seen as a good omen for the superstitious gambler ?It’s an anniversary that has, obviously, been overshadowed by the election , although Daily Ireland has a neat photograph on the front page of Gerry Adams against a backdrop of a Mural in memory of Mr Sands.

    I’m not a gambler , but I am superstitious 😉

  • offer it up

    Great price on the SDLP winning nothing. South Down by all accounts will be as tight as a duck’s arse.

  • PortadownMan

    “Great price on the SDLP winning nothing. South Down by all accounts will be as tight as a duck’s arse.”

    If you think SF will win South Down, far better taking SF at 7/2 with Eastwoods.

    I’m not a betting man but I think the best bet of all is David Simpson in Upper Bann at 4/9.

  • Keith M

    I think the bet I placed on the DUP to get 10 seats or more at 5/2 at Easwods a few weeks back is looking better by the day!

  • Che guevara

    Is south down that close. Best bet of the lot is in Foyle where Mitchel will win.

  • PortadownMan

    Eastwoods have removed all betting for NI Elections (that’s why link above doesn’t work) Used to be listed under ‘Novelty Betting’ – now the only thing listed under that is “Eurovision Song Contest 2005” and “Hit me Baby one more time”. Last one actually seems quite appropriate for some of the outgoing MPs … “Hit me baby one last time” …