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I’ll be trying to keep you abreast of developments during the day. And keep you up on the gossip. Unfortunately I don’t have a wifi laptop – and in any case, few of the smaller places outside Belfast I’ll be visiting today do. So I’ll be uploading the news Slugger very intermittently during the day. We have the feeling this will be a truly historic day.

  • peter

    A hundred years of treachery today comes to an end with rhe humiliation of the UUP.2009 shall see 7 Unionist councils elected rather than the mess we have now.

    Today the Union is strengthened as never before. With 10 or even 11 DUP MPS Ulster can finally takes its place in the sun.

    Paisley can smile today. In 1998 he was written off. Today he will be proved right. Today Paisley is the cat that got the cream.

  • beano; EverythingUlster.com

    You’d swear some of the DUPed posters on the site were on drugs… Or have at least memorised one of Paisley’s sermons. All rhetoric with no substance to back it up.

    Anyway, good luck Mick, I’m deliberately not voting until tea-time so keep the news comin’!

  • Gum

    Good luck Mick – long day ahead!

  • queens_unionist

    In actual fact the DUP supporters on here are not dillusional! we are hopeful, and realistic at the same time!
    I have my vote cast already and did it with pride!
    cannot wait until tomorrow, when the results start pouring in. Unfortunately im in work but il be online and listening in the air waves too!

  • G Washington

    Wonder whether the optimism of SF and the DUP supporters rubs off on wavering voters who had been considering SDLP and UUP. I think it speaks volumes about where parties are going when SF and DUP are very excited about today and tomorow, and the UUP and SDLP are nervous.

  • beano; EverythingUlster.com

    I think the confidence of the DUP/SF will rub off on wavering voters – such is the nature of tribal politics in Northern Ireland ie Mr W Averer thinks “God I really can’t stomach this guy, but at least he’s one of ‘ours’ – I better vote for him to make sure ‘they’ don’t get in”

    That said, I have a few quid on Trimble (8/5) to hold on and a fiver that SF won’t win Foyle.

  • Dessertspoon

    “Ulster can finally takes its place in the sun…”

    How exactly? I will declare myself up front – can’t stand the DUP. Most are two faced hypocrits (IMO). Their best feature is that Paisley is consistent(ly awful). Nevermind why do people vote SF, why do people vote DUP??

    Paisley, Ian

    (pāz´lē) , 1926-, Northern Irish religious and political leader. A leading protagonist of militant Protestantism against Roman Catholicism in Northern Ireland, Paisley was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1946. In 1951, however, he broke away from Presbyterianism to found his own sect, the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, noted for its virulent antiecumenism. In the late 1960s he led numerous anti-Catholic marches, and he was jailed in 1966 and again in 1969 for heading demonstrations that ended in rioting. Running on a platform to end all reforms intended to help the Catholic minority, he was elected to the Northern Irish Parliament (1970-72), and to the British House of Commons (1970-). In 1971, Paisley founded the Democratic Unionist party, which supports total integration of Northern Ireland into the United Kingdom and condemns constitutional arrangements for a new assembly and power sharing between Protestants and Catholics. He supported a strike by Protestant workers that brought the collapse (1974) of the new coalition executive council and the reimposition of direct British rule. He accused British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of treachery when she signed the Anglo-Irish accord of 1985, giving Ireland consultative rights in the government of Northern Ireland, and he opposed the 1998 Northern Irish peace accord. Paisley was elected to the Northern Irish assembly in 1999, and his party won a plurality of seats in that body in 2003.


    So place in the sun or place in the spotlight (for all the wrong reasons..as usual)???

  • Jo

    A hundred years of treachery…eight hundred years of Brit oppression…lmao!

    Truly 2 sides of the same coin.

  • beano; EverythingUlster.com

    I thought Paisley was a Methodist minister before starting the Free P’s, though admittedly a Presbyterian one would make more sense given the name of his new church.

    Was also under the impression that the DUP don’t (outwardly anyway) support Direct Rule over a local administration, they’re just aversed to sharing power, first with nationalists, and latterly with militant republicanism.

    Can’t argue with much of the rest though.

  • davidbrew

    …you could-as indeed could he- if you knew the truth beano. He was not ordained in the presbyterian Church; his own church may be presbyterian in structure, but not necessarily in theology;the history of his imprisonment is wrong; the political stances of the DUP in the 1970s is inaccurate; anf the date of his election to the Assembly is wrong. You don’t have to like him , but it would profit you to read something less inaccurate than this encyclopaedia .

    Anyway, within 24 hours he’ll be the undisputed leader of your community, so you’ll just have to lump it.

  • DCB


    And many in that community will hapily integrate themselves more closely with the mainland at the thought of Paisley their public image.

  • G Washington

    David, why does the future undisputed leader of the community not represent his party on TV or appear in his party’s election broadcast?