Blair committed to NI, sadly…

TONY Blair has insisted that Northern Ireland will remain a priority for him after tomorrow’s election, if he’s still Prime Minister. God help us all. Hasn’t he enough to be worried about at home?

Bliar said:

“It still comes back to the same basic question, which is the way forward is for the republicans to give up violence completely and totally and go into a different mode of operation altogether of exclusively peaceful and democratic means, and for unionists on that basis to share power.

“It’s the only deal that is ever going to be done. I think we have come a long way in Northern Ireland.

“That is not to say the problems aren’t very frustrating but on the other hand I think given some more time and effort we can get this thing done.”

  • aquifer

    Bloody lawyers and trade unionists. They think a settlement is splitting the difference, inviting the extremists to exaggerate their claims.

  • Henry94

    After Iraq Blair wants to go out on a high. And we’re it.

  • Mike

    Erm…”enough to worry about at home”??

    Last time I checked, Blair was Prime Minister of the UK, of which Northern Ireland is part.

  • Dessertspoon

    “Blair committed to NI, sadly… ” – Why sadly?? At someone is our own politicians don’t appear to give a stuff!!