Disturbing video…

I called in with Eammon McCann yesterday, who has been vigorously canvassing in Protestant as well as Catholic areas. At the time there was a lot of excitment about a video that had been taken of a violent incident in the Waterside area of Derry during the weekend. McCann, himself takes up the story:From Eamonn McCann (SEA candidate, Foyle and Waterside Rural) :

The violent incident caught on video in the Waterside in the early hours of Saturday morning shows the need for policing change. But it also shows that the way policing change is usually discussed isn’t good enough.

The PSNI would not have behaved in a wealthy area the way they were shown behaving in Violet Street. It’s the class aspect of policing which this has brought to the fore.

The picket at the court-house on Monday reflected this. The picket included people from the Fountain and the Bogside, as well as from the local Waterside area.

A video showing part of what happened on Violet Street can now be viewed on the SEA website, at www.socialistenvironmentalalliance.org.

We have made copies of the footage available to media outlets. We understand that solicitors representing some of those concerned intend to forward the footage to the office of the Police Ombudsman.

The SEA will speak more forthrightly about the incident and its repercussions when restrictions now in place no longer apply.