Moral guidance…

WRITING on the former Pope’s death, Michael Fitzpatrick thinks that Catholicism may be in the ascendency as a source of moral authority – both in the UK and globally – he also argues that the “doctrines of Catholicism provide no solutions to the terrestrial problems of the new millennium.

  • Jeff Martin

    The Catholic church is certainly not the choice for those looking for a church to fit their lifestyle but it is the church for those of us who want our lifestyle to be guided by the Church founded by Christ.

  • peter

    Who is Michael Fitzpatrick and what nonsense he writes. The Catholic church has become so irrelevant today. Yes, it preaches morals but i think it would do well to put its own house in order first. Remember Cardinal Law. The Catholic church has allowed itself to be fooled that all is in order by the hugh crowds at John Pauls funeral. It needs to reform.