Paint the whole world with… a what?!!

I blame Gavin. Scarcely believeable that they got away with it.. and I’m having a difficult time convincing myself that it’s not a wind-up.. seriously, guys.. there were kids watching! Update Ermmm.. Apparently not. Thanks Nicholas. So feel free to laugh at the clip.

9 thoughts on “Paint the whole world with… a what?!!”

  1. Whats your point Barney? Surely a program which influenced the children of Northern Ireland is entirely relevant.

    Have to say watching that clip is actually quite disturbing. Was all that innuendo intentional or just accidental?
    I mean stoping at “four skins” and “I`m the best plucker here”

  2. whats it got to do with northern politics ye ask!!??

    sure didn’t this clip inspire sammy wilson to paint his twanger red, white and blue and strut the queens highway’s highway plucking it, all the while playing with his non-gaelic balls!

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